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Universal Arm And Shoulder Immobilizer Ref. 9336 Orione

Universal Arm And Shoulder Immobilizer Ref. 9336 Orione

Mesh-constructed material. Padded supporting brace that allows holding the arm comfortably. Provided adjustable waist strap (to keep arm positioned in a protected position across the front of your chest).

The Orione arm and shoulder immobilizer with padded support band allows to comfortably support the arm.  


Support and immobilization of the upper limb after minor trauma.
In all cases where it is necessary to support and limit the movement of the arm.


Made of a particularly aerated perforated fabric.
Padded support strap.
The fastening buckle on the support strap can be regulated with one hand.
Can be fully opened.
Additional band for blocking the shoulder or the arm supplied.


For proper use, please contact medical staff and/or a specialist for choosing the correct model, size, method and time of use.
Beware the medical device is not sterile. Do not place in contact with damaged skin.
Do not use creams or ointments in direct contact with the device.
Do not change the structure of the device to maintain its functioning.
The materials used for the construction of the device exclude, in most known cases, the occurrence of side effects.
In case of any side effects, stop using the device and consult your personal physician.


Fasten the Velcro before washing. - Wash at 40 ° - Tumble dry at room temperature away from heat sources - Do not bleach - Do not dry clean – Machine dry.


Size - forearm lenght -
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