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Open Knee Brace Orione Ref.4104

Open Knee Brace Orione Ref.4104

The Orione tubular knee brace in tri-layer fabric has a polycentric joint with rigid side splints.

There is also a patellar hole surrounded by a silicone insert and useful on top and bottom to modify the fit.


Joint pain.


Minor medium-lateral or capsular ligament instability.


Patellar hole with silicone stabilizer.

Rigid splints with polycentric joint.

Top and bottom adjustment straps.

With knee motion, the patellar stabilizer produces a micro massage that promotes the reabsorption of edema and hematomas.

Helps the stability of the knee.


For proper use, please contact medical staff and/or a specialist for choosing the correct model, size, method and time of use.
Beware the medical device is not sterile. Do not place in contact with damaged skin.
Do not use creams or ointments in direct contact with the device.
Do not change the structure of the device to maintain its functioning.
The materials used for the construction of the device exclude, in most known cases, the occurrence of side effects.
In case of any side effects, stop using the device and consult your personal physician.


Open the upper and lower straps and put the brace on positioning the patella in the hole.
Make sure the side splints are parallel and that the two side joints coincide with the joint of the knee and close the two straps, adjusting the tension. 

Warning: excessive compression may produce an incorrect blood circulation.


Hand wash max 30 ° with neutral soap or detergent - Rinse thoroughly - Do not wring - Remove excess water by rolling the garment in a towel - Dry horizontally - Do not iron - Do not bleach - Do not dry clean - Do not use dryer.

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