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Medical Stockings Pantyhose K1 varicose veins Art.631 Orione

Medical Stockings Pantyhose K1 varicose veins Art.631 Orione

The ORIONE® medical stockings have decreasing elastic pressure. The degree of compression decreases gradually from the ankle to the thigh.
The technically advanced knitting processes ensure that compression remains
constant during prolonged use.

The K1 pantyhose with closed toe, made of lycra and polyamide, help the improvement of blood circulation, thanks to the differentiated compression.

The class K1 allows a 20 mmHg compression.


Light superficial varicose veins.
Varicose veins leading to light oedemas.
Thrombus embolism prophylaxis.
Varicose during and after pregnancy.


Extensible edge.
Excellent breathability.
Graduated compression.
Stretchable heel. 
Long lasting.


1 = ankle circumference: 19-20 cm, thigh circumference: 50-55 cm.
2 = ankle circumference: 21-23 cm, thigh circumference: 53-58 cm.
3 = ankle circumference: 23-25 cm, thigh circumference: 56-61 cm.
4 = ankle circumference: 25-27 cm, thigh circumference: 60-66 cm.

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