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Lumbosacral Support With Cross Band On The Back Orione Ref.3080

Lumbosacral Support With Cross Band On The Back Orione Ref.3080

Lumbo sacral support with cross band on the back. 8 stays on the back. 27 cm high.

This Orione corset, made of a special hypoallergenic and highly breathable fabric, has a cross support system in the back to finely adjust the tension and is provided with 8 self-modelling rear spleens.

The X-shaped crossing provides an excellent support in the lower back; In addition, a fabric eyelet in the front flap facilitates the opening and closing.


Provides good support, comfort and perspiration.

Pain in the lumbar area.

Lumbagos of dorsal origin.

Rheumatism and inflammation of the ileo-sacral articulation, hyper mobility of the back, postural imperfections.

Suitable for post-surgery recovery.


8 self-modelling splints on the back.

Made in an extremely perspirant fabric.
Height 27 cm.

Fabric eyelet for easy and accurate closing.


For proper use, please contact medical staff and/or a specialist for choosing the correct model, size, method and time of use.

Beware the medical device is not sterile. Do not place in contact with damaged skin.

Do not use creams or ointments in direct contact with the device.

Do not change the structure of the device to maintain its functioning.

The materials used for the construction of the device exclude, in most known cases, the occurrence of side effects.

In case of any side effects, stop using the device and consult your personal physician.


It is advisable to proceed to the first use under the supervision of medical staff and/or a specialist.
Place the corset over the desired part of the spine.
Fasten the front strap for a correct support.


Follow the instructions provided on the garment's label.

Size: waist perimeter:
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