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Knee Support with integrated power band taping Ref.488 Orione Sport

Knee Support with integrated power band taping Ref.488 Orione Sport

Power Band Taping is our innovative knee support with integrated taping. During the movement it ensures a better support and stability of the articulations without any constriction.

It increments the proprioception during movements, helping to reduce the muscular strain thus allowing more effective performances.

The 3D design and cut of this soft and light fabric, together with special elastomeric materials, ensures a perfect fit.

Power Band Taping products are particularly indicated in sports activities, for prevention or recovery from traumas or in the post-surgery period.

Built with a patented technology, the Orione Power Band knee support is a unique combination of special elastomeric materials and the knowledge of the human muscle-skeletal structures, biomechanics and techniques of athletic Kinesio taping.

The taping is designed so to keep the knee is centred on the middle.

It can be worn both on the right and left leg.


Increases and stimulates proprioception during movements.

Suitable for post-surgery recovery.

Helps to stabilize knee joints, giving support and protection while allowing full freedom of movement.

Ideal for sport performance, training and protection.

Helps to decrease pains symptoms.


Integrated Power Band Taping.
Covers the upper portion of the knee to reduce muscle vibration.
3D cutting for sharp fit.
Ultrathin and breathable.
Silicone anti-slip patterns on the inside.

Size - leg circumference about 55 inch - 14 cm above the knee -
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