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Babybellyband SPORT Pregnancy and Postpartum Hip Support Belt

Babybellyband SPORT Pregnancy and Postpartum Hip Support Belt

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Pregnancy Care

Lightweight, breathable, latex free fabric makes Babybellyband SPORT support belt perfect for an active pregnancy. The soft, flexible fabric allows for free movement and relieves belly, hip, back, and hernia pain throughout your pregnancy and postpartum.   Easy to use and adjustable for all levels of support with the removable add on support band feature.  Physical therapist across the USA recommend our brand as a pelvic support belt because of the sleek design which can be worn on the lower back or hip area to support muscles so they can heal and relieve back and hip tension.  Custom designed fabric allows for Velcro compatibility all over the surface so that all Babybellyband components (groin bands and shoulder straps) can be added-on at any time.   You don’t have to be an athlete to wear this maternity belly band, it’s cool, comfortable and ultra supportive for anyone!

Postpartum Care

The unique anti-microbial properties of the Babybellyband SPORT fabric make it ideal for postpartum cesarean section care.  Breathable and soft, not too wide, this belt provides just the right amount of support and care for any c-section.  Postpartum hip and back support is provided  with a removable extra support band so you can regulate the amount of lift and support you need.  The 4″-6″ width (depending on size) provides just the right amount of care to support without digging into the ribs or upper belly. Babybellyband SPORT let’s you get back to being mobile and active again.

Suggested to relieve

  • pregnancy and postpartum discomfort
  • Cesarean section (C-section) care
  • round ligament strain
  • diastasis recti
  • abdominal strain
  • back pain
  • lumbar pain
  • hip pain
  • si joint dysfunction
  • sacroiliac joint pain
  • symphysis pubis dysfunction – SPD
  • pelvic girdle pain
  • lymphedema support
  • bariatric issues
  • umbilical hernia pain
  • abdominal hernia support
  • excellent for twin or multiple pregnancy
  • post operative surgery
  • bouncing belly during exercise

All ages and genders are wearing our products ! For sizing, measure your hip inches and compare on our sizing chart

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